Awekening personal mastery

The Basic Toolkit for Life on your own terms

Focus on life changing

8 workshops of adventure

self discovery, self-awareness, self design.

effective goal setting, strategic planning and resourcefulness.

Learn to be yourself so you can connect on your on terms and bring your best to your community/society/work/home/life, everyday.

Best results in group sessions.

I invite you to find the next step,
and make it happen!

Embodiement. Disruptive education.  Soft Skills development. 
(see and be seen,recognised and accepted. Compassion humour.)

1. WHO

How I adapt to different Life Contexts

2. My body & emotions

How I feel & Communicate

3. The Stories I Tell Myself

The Power behind My decisions

4. What do I Really want?

Setting goals that are for Me.

5. Am I ready for Success?

Creating a success mindset that serves ME

6. Dancing with Dragons

How to overcome challenges and fail well!

7. Connecting for Happiness.

How to belong

8. All this, for what?

Finding my place in the world

Whilst I recommend that you work through this program sequentially for maximum results, is it not obligatory that you do so.  

You may join an ongoing cycle near you at any stage.  The exception being nº6, which requires you prepare by attending at least workshops nº4 & nº5; and nº8, which requires you to have attended all the previous workshops.

About the program

The Basic Toolkit for Life on your own terms.

A fun and light way to learn the how and why of how we work, hone your direction, develop your soft skills and create true connections, with easy-to-use tips for everyday life.

By attempting to answer the question “who am I?”, we will follow the true sensation of “I am…” to explore and experience authentic and meaningful goals, solutions and relationships.

NLP, Mental Space Psychology, Social Panorama, Clean Language, Generative Coaching and Communication, Possibility Management, Virginia Satyr Model and borrowing from embodiement practises such as Somatic Syntax , Time Lines, Core Energetics, Dance Movement Therapy, Voice Movement Therapy.

The program is for those who want to find their way, explore skills, develop self confidance and design a life with meaning, results and authenticity.

Emotional Intelligence is naturally knowing what is the adequate response in any life context. And for that you need have a fine tuned system of soft Skills working automatically for you.

Soft skills are not something that is taught. They must be experienced. Once you have lived them you cannot forget. 

By the end of this programme your Mind-body wisedom will have expanded to know, recognise and replicate: