pLAN & aCT



I want direction
I want to feel inspired
I want a meaningful life

Clarity | Purpose |Confidence | Acceptance

to be able to Choose. DECIDE. SET GOALS. Find you path.


I want resources
I WANT strategy
I want to kick procrastination
I want success

Success Mindset | Time (management & Planning) | Resources (Management & Creation)

Focus | Overcome obstacles | Accelerate Results 

to be able to creatively problem-solve, transform, innovate and move forward. Shape your dreams.


I feel powerful, I want more
I want to go to the next level
I want the best
I want to Shine

Beyond life-work balance | Authentic Living | Human Validation

Charismatic Communication |Co-create the Future

to be able BE, build a sustainable legacy and contribute my gifts to the world

Life and all things about Living are imperfect by nature

Uncover your dreams, ambitions, life-purpose.

Develop your resourcefulness. Step into your best You. For you. Welcome to your imperfect life.

Feel more. Think less. Accept your (in)perfection. Learn to trust your intuition. Listen to your body. Access your Wisdom.

Play the inner game to thrive in the outer world.

Authentic living by authentic you. For the Life you want.

Embodiment. Somatic Coaching. Mental Space. Communication.

What could happen if you started ignore those voices in your head and began to trust your body’s wisdom as a guide, rather than being stuck inside it, living out someone else’s story?

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