Somatic Life Coach

Life and all things about Living are imperfect by nature.

Cheeky, curious, lover, artist and (single) Mother of 3 noisy boys.  An entrepreneur at heart, I have reinvented myself several times over the years mostly in bilingual and multicultural environments.  For my bio check me out on LINKEDIN.

philippa mollet_lifeskills

I promise humour, sincerity and creativity throughout the entire process of co-creation of your new reality!

My Passion is human development and I love all things related to body expression and authentic communication.

My Mission is to connect mind, spirit and body to awaken life skills, resources  and strategies for Big Life changes. 

My Style is for those who enjoy humour and wit, want quick results and wish to preserve their privacy, memories and history.  

philippa mollet_lifeskills

I challenge you to go beyond work-life balance, to live a Full Sensing Life in Harmony, where you will thrive with purpose and without compromising what you have conquered and love.

Being body-based I prefer a content-free approach and mostly work with clean language and clean space.

I always deliver a profound experience of Self and your life purpose along the way.

Together we piece together your unique mind-body puzzle and create knowledge.  This in turn leads to an identity transformation through the somatic integration of (new) information that arises.

In a light (and often fun) way , you will learn to use your body wisedom and intuition (as well as your brains) to communicate, design new strategies and overcome obstacles.  You will very quickly become autonomous and be able to feel and navegate your Life with authenticity.



Lifeskills was born of the need to humanise societies and help individuals live beyond life-work balance.

Embodiment . Somatic Coaching . Mental Space . Communication


Emotional Intelligence is naturally knowing what is the adequate response in any life context. To be able to do just that you need a fine-tuned system of Soft Skills working for you automatically.

Soft Skills are not taught, they are experienced. Once you have lived them your body will never forget. They become resources to be used at will.

Learning to accept your impulses and body sensations in a safe space will give to access to all your body wisdom and you can begin to develop you Intuition, allowing you to live and express yourself genuinely and with ease.

Then you have true LifeSkills and a fertile soil to learn and acquire competencies and external resources to build towards your dreams and goals.

When the individual thrives he is able to contribute to society and the planet with passion and purpose, and bring about lasting and impactful change.

Lifeksills is a fun disruptive adventure for anyone who wants to live their potential genuinely and in harmony with themselves, society and the World.