About my self


Embodied exploration and systemic somatic integration for better, lighter and more authentic living.

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I am light and compassion.

My startling and creative side can be seen in every areas of my  life. As a mother, as a lover, as an artist… 
And as a coach i have the opportunity to expand that positive way of live with others.

I love nature, paint, gardening and dancing. I believe in humor, sincerity, creativity and delivery results with beauty and harmony.

Philippa Mollet

My Background

Mother of 3 noisy boys. Born and Live in Portugal. Educated in UK. Bilingual Multicultural environment. Entrepreuner. Worked in Legal. Management. Tourism. Sustainbility. Circular economy Cork farmimg. 

Meet me in

I invite you to download the ebook ‘5 steps to win selfconfidance today’, where i show you some of my work. 

I offer individual development processes, and sequencial workshop program that can me developed in group and individual, according to each individual expetation. 

In each programm is developed several softskills, such as comunication, selfknowledge, free behaviour expression, and others.. all in a fun and hollistic way.

5 Easy Steps for Great Self Confidence!

More exciting… yes! Tell me more! I want it/some!

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Embodied Practise
Online Co-Criation Workshop


Awakening Personal Mastery

The Basic Toolkit for Life on your own terms

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 Co-author with Awesome MAOTC