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How to Inspire & Shine

For people who want to live beyond life-work balance and build a sustainably legacy.

Do you sometimes feel like there’s more to Life than this? 

You are doing well, smashing those goals and obstacles.  You celebrate the victories and yet somehow it is never enough. You’re ambitious and successful and somehow you have lost little bits of yourself along the way.

We are taught that the art of building material success requires setting aside emotions and feelings and bringing only cognition and competence into the formula for success.  CHRONOs has been the relationship with your time. 

The industrial era has left us with the homogenization of experience of life, spiked with a quest for unrealistic and unattainable perfection. Pandering to our brain’s need to preserve energy, we enter the status quo of societal automation, so as to be able to “scale” the experience of living in short and intense bursts of controlled emotions that are hastily terminated before they get out of hand!

Up to now you have been acting, planning, committing and delivering results, managing the stress, resources and expectations, and of course celebrating, loving your family, rearing children in between.  You have rarely had time for yourself feel along the way.  Priority goes to what can be measured and palpably achieved, often at the expense of the invisible, unmeasurable values of the heart.  And crazy old CHRONOs is ticking… 

You know you want the best. You have ticked all the boxes and have invested in yourself and your toolkit for success.  Discipline and direction are not an issue for you.  So what is missing?

Breaking this cycle is an act of faith. It takes courage.

Feeling is the key word here.  It involves the body and extends well beyond it. And it comes like a Whisper…. A sensations of something more…

The first step it to STOP.  (Yes, that terrifying abyss of nothing going nowhere!) Your gremlins will be not be pleased. Learn to take a break from the noisy chatter of your basic needs, hopes and fears.  Stop and create space for KAIROS, the perfect life changing moment.  Learn to listen to The Whisper of a higer calling…  

PAUSE, where you can relax, enjoy, assess and then return to yourself, calmly reinventing and investing in only the best and most important values and resources that you truly need. To uncover you true self-expression and unique contribution to the world you will Explore, Discover, Share and Shine, and it all begins with pausing to Feel and BE. 

IQ and EQ are the intelligences you already know to some degree.  At this level you will begin to experience PQ (physical intelligence) and SQ (spriritual intelligence.)  Here you reunite mind-body-soul and go beyond Self toward a holistic long-term vision and prepare yourself to answer your higher calling.

You will be called to Lead yourself and then others.

To BE instead of DO.  You may even go forward to do exactly the same as you did before in terms of ambition and action, only you take with you this confidence and ability to bring yourself, just as you are, along too!  And the added bonus is that by being yourself, by Shining, you make it ok for other to BE too.  They will follow your example.  They will follow you. Together, in glorious imperfection.

BY being authentic, you allow each person to bring his own unique and authentic way to and expression into everyday actions, enriching and humanizing the workplace with diversity and contributing to goals and ambitions with truly innovative edge.  Borne of the tolerance of imperfection, these co-creations shape a flexible future and are self-sustaining in nature.

At this level your embodied values are honed to intuition.  Your presence and attention is felt by others in trust and openness.  Your communication is fluid and authentic. What used to be creative and critical thinking becomes a flux of transformative problem-solving that harnesses Passions, embraces diversity and inspiring following that paves the way for truly sustainable and humanized innovation. 

Gratitude becomes the basis of joy and freedom, and celebrations become an elevation of the soul that truly fulfils and provides wellbeing for all those involved; A Legacy that is delivered into the service of Man, Society and our Planet.

Are you ready to follow that whisper?

Unleash your charisma and dare to shine. Contact me to book a free 1:1 clarity session or choose from my existing programmes .

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