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Feeling Lost?

How to find clarity, purpose and confidence to thrive in Life by your design.

For people who seek direction and guidance in Life.

Perhaps you are looking for a direction, a purpose in life? You understand that Life is not always fun and games and are looking to be inspired and discover a more meaningful existence. A role for you where there is clarity, purpose and you are confident and accepted exactly as you are.

Only recently I came across another study/article on the curious situation of limited intelligence versus the continued growth of intelligence. Several studies have it that if you believe you can increase your intelligence, then you can. Whereas, if you believe that you are born with a set IQ and that that is your lot for your entire live, then that too is the case!

It seems that what we believe is possible for us, is more important that what we do.

Most personal development schools and models go on about beliefs and how they are either limiting or empowering. All these schools have a variety of strategies and techniques for substituting one belief for another. A better, more functional behaviour is usually the goal.

But, I question, is there a space or state that does not require belief in order to exist? Do we really need to believe in order to exist? Is it not enough to breathe? Is it not enough to BE?

Everyone has been lost at some point or points in their lives. We are not born with an instruction manual and rely heavily on what we are told to believe in order to “get on in life”. Whilst this may have been mostly true and the best strategy for our parents’ generations, the galloping pace of the digital and virtual world means that we must rely on our true nature and calling to forge our own path in the modern world today.

Feeling Lost is an emotional state.

You are “off track” looking to get “back on track”. Are you on the wrong or right lifepath? What do you believe is possible in Life for you?

Lost is when the outside doesn’t match the inside. Lost is when you don’t recognise your surroundings; you don’t recognise the external points of reference because they mean nothing to you. Lost is when you know where you are (and possibly what to do) and yet, somehow, do not recognise yourself in that role. Your identity and values are conflicting with a life designed for you shaped on someone else’s dreams, desires and values.

What kind of lost are you?

Many people, youngsters particularly, are currently lost, faced with so many viable positive choices and life paths before them. They are overwhelmed. Trained to comply and containers of complex information, they rarely have a clue of who they are or what they want from Life. Imagination and dreaming has in large part been “educated” out of them, in preparation for a professional attitude and productive life. Hope and Faith often disappear over time, under the strain of the prospect of a life of responsibilities in a job taken to “pay the bills”.

Many people struggle right up to a ripe old age wondering what their purpose in life is or was. We seem to assume that there is only one. One for each person. A sort of role we must play and become an expert at throughout our lives.

I believe that purpose and vocation evolve alongside personal growth and development. And I believe you are never too young nor too old to set off on our true life path. If a job for life is no longer a reality, why should a purpose for life or an identity for life be valid? Surely, we can reinvent ourselves? At anytime, and according to what is best for our needs, hopes and expectations.

The Social Panorama Model has a rather fun technique called self-design. Were you get to see how many “facets” or identities you are made up and how these contribute and empower your true nature and sense of self, or essence.

Once you have experienced your essence and strengthened your self-image and esteem, your path in life becomes clearer.

Choices are not just reasoned, they are felt. They are lived.

By learning to trust your body wisdom, accept yourself with all your weird and wonderful signals and metaphors of the subconscious mind, you can begin to map what is truly valuable for you at this point in time. The passion of a meaningful existence will fuel your confidence to make decisions and set powerful, yet realistic goals.

Through embodiment practises in safe space and a non-verbal context, you can begin to explore the unique and secret language and strategies of your mind and body. You can decide what is TRUE for you and then confidently step up to the challenges that you set yourself in your Life.

Suddenly, as if by magic, you no longer are looking to be inspired by others, but are your authentic self, leading and inspiring others and life.

Whilst I can guide those who believe at least in themselves, I can’t put you back on track. There is no going back in Life. Clarity and purpose naturally give you motivation and direction. There is only moving forward: TRUE, CONFIDENT and AUTHENTIC.

Curious to know how?

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