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Feeling Frustrated?

How to move forward and shape your dreams, from the inside out.

For people who feel overwhelmed and stuck in Life.

How often do you feel you are on the right path, living your true purpose and still there are so many obstacles and setbacks that frustration sets in and becomes, in itself, an obstacle to success?

Energy and motivation seem to dwindle and you find yourself stuck, or is the other way round;  You get stuck and therefore the energy and motivation dwindles?

Stay here long enough and it can seriously affect your self-everythings.  Self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.  Those gremlins insist on keeping you in a dead comfort zone (often at the cost of your purpose, self-realization and mental sanity), robbing you of your peace and sleep.  How can you then dream?

The trick is to start.  Then the sequence of strategy, resources and action begin to fall into place. 

Procrastination is an emotional response for overwhelm. Open that sneaky door to self-doubt and the hoard of gremlins are now feasting and dancing round the bonfire of your fears, putting up barriers (some real, some not) so that the task becomes bigger and bigger every time you contemplate it.

Simple truth is you probably don’t know where to start.

I’ve seen people in my practise, on a Kinestetic Time Line, actually jump forward to where they feel ready and can move on toward their bright future.  They can point to a physical space in the room where they will be ready in the Future; only not now! 

Assessing with Mental Space Psychology model, the quality of the gap between Here&Now and There&Then, or exploring inner resources (often sequestered by those gremlins), will bring forth the unique answer each person needs to take that first step. 

For some it is a Leap of Faith, for most the progress is done on a micro scale.  Line by line, step by step, you are kicking procrastination in the butt! And before you know it you are back on the road to success. All the cogs of planning and management are lined up and moving again, now enhanced with a toolkit packed with a new success mindset and matching creativity and focus ro solve, transform and innovatively overcome obstacles and accelerate results.

Experiencing and managing your relationship with time also will boost your planning, productivity &  resourcefulness (inner and outer).  With a few extra NLP tips and techniques you can keep the crazy world of consistency and discipline ticking for you and your dreams. 

Ready to find your next easy step?

Choose from my existing programmes or contact me to book a 1:1 clarity session.

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